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Worry Tree Cafe

NOTE: Suspended during COVID lockdown

The concept of The Worry Tree cafe is the brainchild of Amelia Corke. Through her own experiences and personal knowledge of Mental Illness she felt that there had to be a way to help to others dealing with mental health conditions from feeling isolated and alone. As a result the Worry tree was born and set up in Framlingham.

Why are we here?
Mental Health Challenges

Our aim for The Worry Tree Cafe is simple. We want to offer support and friendship to those experiencing mental health challenges in our community.

What we do

​The Worry Tree cafe offers anybody of any age the opportunity to come and visit us at our weekly drop in cafe and take part in our events and projects. We are open on a Friday evening and situated in central Framlingham. You will have the opportunity to talk and meet with like minded people. Come and join us for a cuppa and a chat. We also offer our members the opportunity to talk to our councellors on a one to one basis.

Signposting and Support services
We are pleased to say that we have the backing of a number of mental health organisations and support groups. We offer information on further services and support that you may require. Literature is available at the worry tree and the team can also signpost you to alternative services,.

Please click below to see our leaflet giving details of our services:

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For more details please call 01728 440511


The Worry Tree Cafe | Framlingham | Suffolk