Kiosk on the Hill

Kiosk on the Hill is an exhibition centre. The displays promote local services, upcoming events, anniversaries, school and club projects, work by local artists, and all sorts of things of interest to the local community.

• Prime location on Market Hill opposite the market square
• Every new exhibit promoted by Hour Community’s Instagram
• Custom notice for every exhibit

Kiosk on the Hill is a converted K6 red telephone box. The K6 (Kiosk No. 6) was designed in 1935 and became the most widely installed phone box in the UK. Extensive work has been carried out to convert the K6 to an exhibition centre:

• 5 lever deadlock secures the door
• Mains electrical power with timer switch
• Multiple height plinth
• Turntable

• Picture hooks

Our thanks to these organisations for their support for the Kiosk on the Hill project:

Interested in using the Kiosk? Please contact us on 01728 440511

Kiosk on the Hill | Hour Community | Framlingham